CS 212 Software Development

CS 212-01, CS 212-02 • Spring 2021

Getting Started

This guide will help you get started for the first week of remote learning for CS 212 Software Development with Professor Sophie Engle.

Zoom Lectures

Most weeks, Tuesday lecture will be replaced with asynchronous content such as pre-recorded videos, graded discussions, and quizzes. Thursday lecture will be conducted synchronously via Zoom and recorded. For the first several weeks, labs will also be conducted synchronously via Zoom (but not recorded).

However, to make sure we are well-acquainted, the entire first week will be conducted synchronously. See the Getting Started with Zoom guide if you are unfamiliar with Zoom. Otherwise, on the first day, join the appropriate Zoom meeting for your scheduled section:

Section Date/Time Zoom Meeting
CS 212-01 Lecture Tue/Thu 12:45-2:30p 814 7247 5540
CS 212-02 Lecture Tue/Thu 04:35-6:20p 861 7222 6827
CS 212L-01 Lab Fri 2:15-3:20p 815 0256 3573
CS 212L-02 Lab Fri 3:30-4:35p 897 8045 2727

Please attend the correct section. If you are on a waitlist, attend the section you are waitlisted for.

Office Hours

Here are the Zoom links for office hours:

Person Date/Time Zoom Meeting
Sophie Engle Mon/Thu 2:45-4:15p 894 9550 8565
José Corella Mon/Wed 10–10:45a & 5–5:45p 816 2061 3863
Levin Weinstein Tue 2:45–4:15p, Wed 1:15–2:45p 827 194 1330
Andrew Cabezudo Mon 12–1:10p, Tue 11:50–12:40p 654 262 4790

Office hours are first-come first-serve.

Weekly Overview

Below you can find the current weekly overview for this class. This may change week-to-week, but gives you an idea of what to expect for most of the semester.

Subscribe to Calendar

You can subscribe to the following .iCal feed to show the lectures, labs, and office hours for this course on your own calendar:

I strongly suggest you also subscribe to your Canvas calendar using whatever calendar service you regularly use. The calendar will show the latest deadlines for all the assignments.

If you have a calendar not listed above, see How do I view the Calendar iCal feed to subscribe to an external calendar as a student? for how to access the .iCal feed to import into other programs.